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What We Do

As an IT Consulting company, there are a lot of services we provide. Here’s some of the most popular services our clients trust us with.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

The servers we utilize for our hosting are some of the best available. These servers can handle anything you could want and then some. They aren’t just limited to websites, either.

We have securely set up servers for all kinds of uses that our clients request: VPNs, file storage servers, backup locations, test machines, and of course web and application servers. If you have something you need hosted, we can get you started and keep you running.

Our shared web servers are highly reliable and economical but if you need more power, our vitual private servers are more than plenty for any of your needs. No matter the size of your site, blog, or web-app, take comfort knowing our specialists will keep everything running smooth.

Shared hosting starts at $10/month and includes:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Management using CWP Pro & Softaculous
  • 10Gb Storage
    • Additional storage costs $5 per month per 5Gb.
    • Once purchased, additional storage cannot be removed in most use cases.
    • Bulk deals are available upon request.
  • Let our technicians manage the setup and maintenance work for an additional $65/month.
    • Free domain* and setup
    • Base WordPress install
    • Webmail setup up to 5 accounts
    • Automated backups
    • DNS Setup and forwarding
    • 1 Hour of Technician work included per month (rolls over up to 4 hours total)

Virtual private servers fall under the category of an IT Project. As such, our technicians will discuss this with you on a per project basis.

*Domains are only included if they are unregistered domains ending in .com .org .net. Other domain names available at request but need technician approval first. Covers 1 year of registration with a name provider of Grey Top Technology's choosing. Domain name transfers available. Grey Top Technology reserves the right to decline any domain name request.

IT Projects

IT Projects

We have handled a large variety of projects for our clients and delivered rock-solid solutions each time. Keeping you informed is one of our top priorities so there are no unwanted surprises when we wrap up the project.

Our clients have came to us requesting many different things. From upgrading desktops and moving offices, to setting up new WiFi systems for guests, or anything in between, we’ve helped our clients one after the next. On occasion, we’ll have a client who knows they have a problem that can be solved with technology but don’t know where to begin. For these cases, we build up a list of solutions and discuss with you your options. After choosing a plan of action, we get to work making sure everything goes exactly to plan.

As projects differ so widely, we offer initial consultations at no charge over phone, email, or video conference. At the end of the consultation, we will decide on a follow-up date a reasonable amount of time in the future. Once our techs craft a thorough solution to go over, we will contact you to discuss the details.

  • Initial consultation for projects is without charge.
  • At the end of the initial consultation, a follow-up date will be established.
  • On the follow-up date, we can either discuss solutions or schedule a more in depth consultation.
  • Follow-up dates can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

Web Design

Web Design

Setting up a webpage can be hard; designing one – even harder. Let our expert developers take care of building your webpage for you so you can jump right into what you want to work on.

If you’re familiar with WordPress, know that we have set up many sites using this flexible Content Management System and can do any kind of website with it at a low price. Contact us for a quote and we'll figure out your perfect fit and the price to match.

If WordPress isn’t your thing, we can build you a site from scratch as well. We'll take on any size site and negotiate the price with you up front. If you just need a simple site, we can do that, and usually a bit cheaper than our more involved packages. If you have a huge project in mind, we'll work that out too and work together to find a price everyone agrees on.

Our WordPress packages can be as inclusive as you want. Here's some of what we offer:

  • Full WordPress installation
  • Domain Purchase, Registration, and Management
  • Migration of old webpages and content
  • Custom feature design
  • Proper SEO for anyone to find your site
  • Full content management if wanted
  • One on one training on SEO, keyword research, monetization and more
  • Dynamic page layouts so the site looks great on any screen
  • Coaching and critiques on content

And much more! Contact us today and we'll get you the best quote we have for your needs.

Sites from scratch fall under our IT Projects category, please read more on that below for details.

*Domains are only included if they are unregistered domains ending in .com .org .net. Other domain names available at request but need technician approval first. Covers 1 year of registration with a name provider of Grey Top Technology's choosing. Domain name transfers available. Grey Top Technology reserves the right to decline any domain name request.



Not quite sure what happened? Point us at the problem and we will diagnose and repair it. We’ll make sure to communicate our findings to you to help keep it from happening again, saving you time and money in the future.

We can do a variety of troubleshooting over any method of contact. Depending on the issue, a quick remote call may be enough to resolve your problem. For more complex issues, our technicians will come to you and work on your problem.

Rates for technicians to troubleshoot on-site start at $100 per hour, billed by the half-hour with a half-hour minimum. Remote support is available at a rate of $80 per hour, charged in 15 minute increments.

On-Site Troubleshooting

  • $100 per hour charge
  • Charged in 30 minute increments
  • Minimum charge of 30 minutes per call

Phone Troubleshooting

  • $80 per hour charge
  • Charged in 15 minute increments
  • Minimum charge of 15 minutes per remote troubleshooting session

About Us

We understand IT can be a very costly experience. It can cause all kinds of headaches, lost time, and end up costing an arm and a leg. Our goal here at Grey Top Technology is to take care of those problems so you can focus on what is important to you. For many small businesses, a full time IT person is too much of a cost to have on hand and there is only so much one person can do before they need help. By choosing to outsource your needs to us, we can provide you with the service you need at a reasonable cost. Our staff is experienced and know just what to do for any situation. We believe in getting paid for results so in the off chance that we can’t find a solution to your problem, it won’t cost you anything.

If this all sounds good to you, please take the time to check out our services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for under our listed services, be sure to contact us about it. We love to help and will do our best to help you, even if it’s referring you to a specialist better equipped to handle your request.

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